1 Year Warranty

Stair Climbers offer a 1-year guarantee on frame and battery for all products. The guarantee covers all manufacturing defects/failures. It does not cover damage caused by externally applied force or any issue caused by external activity, misuse, overloading or accidental severing of electrical cables or electrical overload, nor does it cover appearance.

Sometimes as a promotion, we may increase the guarantee period. This variation will be clearly noted on an invoice or on a sales receipt. If for some reason it is not noted on invoice/sales receipt, the customer must request a revised invoice/sales receipt with the additional guarantee period noted. Any warranty claims outside the standard 12 month warranty period will not be honoured unless the additional warranty is noted on a Stair Climbers invoice/sales receipt. In order for a warranty claim under the guarantee to be processed, we will require detailed and clear photos and/or video of the problem to be sent to info@stairclimbers.com.au

On review, we willadvise the customer of the appropriate course of action. We will replace or repair parts or the whole product at our discretion. We may use previously used parts or product provided in our opinion they are of similar or better condition than the replaced part or product. If we require the product to be sent to Stair Climbers, the customer at their expense will package and freight the product back to us. We will repair/replace and return the product to the customer at our expense. All guarantees are limited only to the correct performance of the product being used in a way which is consistent with the type of product and the guidelines or instructions provided by us.

The guarantee only applies if the product is not performing according to our specifications. There are no guarantees about changes in appearance to the product or if the product is used or has been used in inappropriate ways such as overloading or without due care. While we use only high-quality lithium-ion batteries in all our units, the performance of all batteries degrades over time. If there is a warranty claim for a battery, the battery must be returned to Stair Climbers for testing. If the drop in performance exceeds 30% pa for each year of ownership, the battery will be replaced under warranty. Obviously, if it does not exceed 30% pa for each year of ownership, it will not be replaced under warranty.

Lithium Ion batteries last longer if they are never allowed to fully discharge and are not frequently fully charged or left on the charger. Hot temperatures also have an impact. In the manual, we suggest the batteries are charged after the charge drops below 20%. We have included this information in the guarantee to increase the likelihood of these guidelines being followed.