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160kg power tracks stair climbing dolly (not trolley!) with super smooth rubber tracks.

See The Apollo Stair Climber In Action


The Apollo is your go-to device to move loads up and downstairs, safely easily and efficiently.

Whether you are moving filing cabinets, boxes, furniture, appliances, motors, pumps or other items less than 180kg, Apollo should be your first choice.

It has a large platform and the rubber tracks ensure a very smooth trip up or down the stairs.

The Apollo also has variable speed control and a light to illuminate dark stairwells.

The lithium-ion battery combined with the brushless motor means the Apollo can manage at least 1000 steps on a single charge. No need for a second battery or in-vehicle charging.

Apollo 180kg Power Tracks Stair Climbing Dolly

With Super Smooth Rubber Tracks.


  • Save labour costs
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Fewer injuries
  • Reduce property damage to walls and stairwells.
  • Reduce cargo damage
  • Save your back!

Reliable Equipment

Maintenance-Free Brushless Electric Motors With long-lasting Lithium-Ion Batteries


12 Months Warranty on all of our Stair Climbers


Available Australia Wide

First Class Robust Designs

Designed using only high quality & highly durable materials

  • 180kg lift capacity.
  • Soft start motor protection
  • Quiet motor
  • LED push-button display
  • LED light to illuminate stairs.
  • auto brake on stairs when stopped
  • Red flashing light on the battery
  • Light (27kg) and highly manoeuvrable.
  • Made of aluminium alloy.
  • Variable stair climbing. 45 steps per minute- 55 steps per minute.
  • Long-lasting powerful 36V motor. Maintenance-free.
  • Superfast 2 hour recharging time- (no need for 2nd battery)
  • The battery can be recharged 500 times (750,000 steps!)
  • Circuitry concealed inside frame- showerproof.
  • Power remaining indicator on the battery
  • 4 Rubber Castor wheels
  • 2 x safety (seatbelt style) straps to secure load
  • Logistics companies
  • Appliance repair and delivery companies
  • Commercial organisations.
  • Individual
  • Copiers
  • Copier paper
  • Filing cabinets
  • Heavy items
  • Suitable for internal use
  • Commercial buildings
  • Restaurants/cafes/hospitality


Height 1100-1600mm
Width 500mm
Min thickness 270-800mm
Weight 27kg
Options Dust cover / Wall Bracket

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12 months Interest-Free Finance Option with as little as $90/week, get the high-quality Stair Climber you deserve, call us on 0411 458 887 now!


Are Stair Climbers' Products Easy To Operate?

YES. We provide instructions on how to use the stair-climbers. We also provide a live Zoom instructional video which is recorded and we provide access to. We recommend people start using at a slow speed, without a load and then gradually increase the load. Most people can operate any of the stair-climbers safely and efficiently with 15-30 minutes practice.

All Types Of Stairs?

YES, more or less. Staircases should be at least 60 cm wide. If there is a landing, the minimum dimension should be at least 1.1m, and if it is a return stairwell, at least 1.2m. Choose your stair climber to match your stairs. The paddle-style cannot be used on a tight spiral staircase.  The track style can only be used on a straight staircase or a straight staircase with a return stairwell. The stair climbers will work on different surfaces eg wood, concrete, steel mesh, etc. They will also work on carpet but cannot be used on loose carpet.

Do The Batteries Last A Long Time?

YES.  You can go up or down up to 1500 steps on one charge – that is about 50 flights of stairs. The stair-climbers may do fewer steps on slow speed setting. There is no need for a second battery with any Stair Climbers device!

Ongoing Maintenance?

Not really an issue. Stair-climbers use brushless motors with lithium batteries which should give years of trouble-free use. The motor is in a sealed unit (IPX4 rating making it rainproof) and does not require any maintenance as this would break its waterproof seal. Stair Climbers are built to last and do not require any other maintenance, other than ensuring nothing is loose. If something is loose, do not use until the bolt, nut or screw is tightened. Proprietary tools and specialist technicians are not required. On the Apollo, Kris and Jacob the rubber tracks may need adjustment as they stretch. An Allen key is supplied to make this adjustment and instructions are in the manual.

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