Stair Climber Trolley for Smooth Load Mobility

Our diverse selection of stair-climbing solutions is designed to meet various needs and applications. From strong hand trolleys to versatile dollies and efficient platform lifts, we have the equipment to ensure smooth and safe transportation up and down stairs.

Weight Capacity and Models: Our stair climbers are available in a range of weight capacities, from a lightweight 70kg to a heavy-duty 420kg. Each model is numbered to reflect its maximum weight capacity, making choosing the right equipment based on your specific requirements easy.

Advanced Climbing Technology: We offer stair climber hand trolleys equipped with state-of-the-art climbing mechanisms to accommodate different types of staircases:

Single-Step Rubber Tracks: Ideal for smooth ascents and descents, these tracks provide stability and grip on each step.
Single-Step Rotating Paddles: Perfect for environments where precision and adaptability are key, these paddles adjust to the contour of each step, ensuring a secure climb.
Multi-Step Rubber Tracks: Designed for more complex stair configurations, these tracks allow continuous movement across multiple steps, enhancing speed and efficiency.

Whether you need a simple solution for occasional use or a more advanced system for daily operations, our stair climbers are designed to increase mobility and decrease effort.

Each model is built with quality and durability, ensuring the best performance and value for your investment.