Jacob II Wheelchair Lift

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A wheelchair lifting stair climber with an automatic braking to stop safely on the stairs

Height 112-150cm
Width 56cm
Min thickness 63cm
Tyre dimensions 4 castors
Name Jacob
Purpose Wheelchair lift
Climbing method Track
Lifting capacity 169kg
Battery 24V
Weight of battery 3kg
Steps per minute 45-55 variable
Steps per charge 900 -1200
Material Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight 29Kg
Automatic Brake Yes
  • Our products incorporate the latest assistive robotic technology  to ascend and descend stairs.
  • The JacobII uses rubber tracks.
  • The JacobII is  battery-powered, portable, and can lift between 200 kg.
  • It weighs  weighs around 30kg, and will fit in the boot of a car when it is collapsed.
  • No installation is required.
  • The Jacob II can also be used to carry items up the stairs.
  • Jacob can move a passenger and their wheelchair up and down stairs easily, safely and smoothly.
  •  The combination of the rubber tracks and powerful motor carries up and down many flights of stairs on a single charge.
  • Jacob can be folded for transport and storage purposes and fits in the boot of a medium sized car.
  • Different size wheelchairs are accommodated,  and Jacob (unlike some of its competitors) can manage kids wheelchairs from a minimum width between wheels of 480mm. The maximum size is 680mm.
  • Jacob has an automatic braking feature which allows it to stop safely on the stairs.

Stair Requirements

  • Stair; ≥ 60cm Wide
  • Max Stair Angle: ≤70 Degrees
  • Max Distance Between Stairs; ≤ 70cm
  • Min Turning Space Or Landing; 120cm X 110cm
  • Straight Stairs; Yes
  • Curved Stairs; No
  • Jacob Can Lift Wheelchairs 48- 68 Cm In Width

Person requirements

  • Operators should practice without passengers until familiar with its operation.
Reliable Equipment
Maintenance-Free Brushless Electric Motors With long-lasting Lithium-Ion Batteries
12 Months Warranty on all of our Stair Climbers
Available Australia Wide
First Class Robust Designs
Designed using only high quality & highly durable materials

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