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Stair Climbers is a wholly Australian owned company specialising in the provision of high-quality stair climbing devices at an affordable price.

At Stair Climbers, our goal remains the same, to look first and foremost at your needs and what will work for you. We ask a lot of questions about your situation- what you need and what the stairs are like before we recommend a product. If one of our products is not right for you, we will not sell it to you.  We’re a family run business, priding ourselves not only on finding solutions for our customers but treating those we supply as if they were a member of our family.

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Customer reviews

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I had the misfortune of receiving a stair climber that died abruptly on me but Robert and his suppliers we’re very quick try to identify the problem. When they couldn’t, they wasted no time in sending me a new machine which has not missed a beat! Thanks Robert and the Stair Climbers team! Your customer service is top notch!



Thanks for the stair climber. It works fantastic. Me and my back thank you heaps.

Goran Cosic

Gold Coast

Thank you for the delivery of the Stairclimber. It arrived yesterday and we used it today to deliver my wife to the first floor of my daughter's home. It worked beautifully.
This equipment will change my Wife's life as since her stroke early this year there have been many places with stairs she couldn't get into.

I appreciate the information you provided prior to the purchase and the prompt delivery.

I've told our physio's about it and I would think they'll be recommending the Stairclimber to applicable patients.

J. Bruce

Sunshine Coast

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I am really happy with my Sala trolley. I am now very excited to keep using it, now that I have the hang of it. Very easy to use, but it takes some concentration going down the stairs with loads that sits low at the wheels. I am really impressed with the battery life. When I received my package, and unpacked my new “toy”, the battery was 52 per cent charged. I was using it on-site for 2 days and used up only about 5 per cent of charge. Thanks once again. Looking forward in doing more business with your company.

Saliem Woksam


Hi Robert. Just a quick word to thank you for the Kris stairclimber. It works wonderfully well for my Mother when she comes to visit. It allows us to host full family get-togethers again- something I'm not sure we can put a value on! I am still very impressed by the level of detail covered and the support provided in making sure it works for us. Thanks for all your help.

Paul Deveraux