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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or technical enquiries not addressed below please feel free to get in touch.

YES. We provide instructions on how to use the stair-climbers. We also offer a live Zoom tutorial on how to use any of our products.  We recommend people start using at a slow speed, without a load and then gradually increase the weight. Typically, anyone can operate any of the stair-climbers safely and efficiently with less than 15-30 minutes of practice.

YES. Anyone who can use a hand trolley or operate a normal wheelchair can use a stair climber

YES, more or less. Staircases should be at least 60 cm wide. If there is a landing, the minimum dimension should ideally be around 1.1m although Kris II and Jacob II can operate on smaller landings. Bigger stair climbers such as Apollo 300R and Samson need more space. Choose your stair climber to match your stairs. Our stair climbers cannot be used on a tight spiral staircase. The stair climbers will work on different surfaces eg wood, concrete, steel mesh etc. They will also work on carpet but not loose carpet. Tracked stair climbers are not good on wet surfaces.

YES.  You can go up or down up to 1500 steps on one charge – that is about 50 flights of stairs. The stair-climbers may do fewer steps on the slow speed setting. There is no need for a second battery with any Stair Climbers device!

Not really an issue. Stair-climbers use brushless motors with lithium batteries which should give years of trouble-free use. The motor is in a sealed unit (IPX4 rating making it rainproof) and does not require any maintenance as this would break its waterproof seal. Stair Climbers are built to last and do not require any other maintenance, other than ensuring nothing is loose. If something is loose, do not use until the bolt, nut or screw is tightened. Proprietary tools and specialist technicians are not required. On the Apollo, Kris and Jacob the rubber tracks may need adjustment as they stretch. An Allen key is supplied to make this adjustment and instructions are in the manual.

YES. These include larger toe plates, gas cylinder holders and water bottle holders. We also carry spare batteries.

YES. Areas outside major cities may take longer. For remote areas, we deliver to the nearest town. If in doubt, call us at 0411 458 887 and we will advise shipping to your area.

YES. by appointment only from our warehouse in Kensington about 4km from Melbourne CBD.

YES, there is a 1-year guarantee on frame and battery. The guarantee covers all manufacturing defects/failures. It does not cover misuse, overloading or accidental severing of electrical cables.